Basketball, Cheerleading, the Dojo, and divine intervention.

Until tonight, I was beginning to believe that my five year old twin girls’ “issues” were not necessarily disrupting their ability to live life ‘normally’.  This denial was fed by living in a small community that knows and accepts my kids just the way they are.  They are given knowing smiles and spoiled at the store when they act out, given patience and space when involved in any activities at the public school, and allowed to stim uncontrollably at public and church functions without any snide remarks or stupid questions. 

For clarification, I home school..  Our little town has a few characters in it with money, and they are VERY charitable with it.  They have poured their money and time into community projects, sports at the public school, and the local churches to keep our kids busy.  ALL of the kids, not just the privileged.  Because of them, I am able to homeschool AND involve my kids in the community long before high school.  This year, the girls ‘played’ basketball, went to cheerleading camp, and will be attending the Distinguished Young Women’s dance class.  Basketball was a disaster the first day.  It was loud and there was a lot of activity.  My little Roni spent the entire first practice screaming her face off and rolling around on the ground.  The second day was better, and by the end of the week, she was aggressively playing ball in a gym FULL of people watching.  Cheerleading went a LITTLE better.  Day one consisted of laying on the floor and spinning circles.  Day two they tried to keep up, but were just as lost as all of the other five year olds.  By the time the performance in the gym came, they confidently stood there and waved their pom pom’s back and forth, and I am sure I even saw a kick or two.

Then, we went to the Dojo.  (enter death star music from star wars)  First, I want to point out the reasons for taking my kids to a Dojo.  Anyone with kids that have SPD, aspergers, or Autism know that there is a disconnect between the mind and the body.  Any ABA therapy etc. sets goals to awaken this connection and to learn to be self aware and self regulate.  So, is it really any wonder that I chose martial arts?  If you were paying attention above, you would have noticed that it usually takes my kids two or three days in a new environment to settle down and know what to expect.  Well, apparently this Dojo wanted already  trained soldiers.  After a bad day of my Charli pushing every button and having several melt downs on day 1, Kyo Sa said my kids were not welcome.  Look, it’s not like I didn’t warn her.  She touted that she had SEVERAL sensory kiddos in her program and that she was a major in child psychology.  I guess she slept through a day or two in school. 

I’ll admit that I am severely wounded, and that I lied to my kids about why we aren’t going back.  But as my mom said, we may have just dodged a bullet.  Herein lies the divine intervention.  So, onto the next Dojo.  Hopefully we will be received better there.

-God Bless, it’s a wild ride!


If you’re crazy and you know it…..palp palp palp

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K…first I have to figure this whole blogging thing out. Why am I starting this? First, I need an outlet. My husband can’t wrap his brain around me and I feel like all I do is talk my friends under the table. I…need…a sounding board. I don’t really need an audience:) Second, I need a place to rage, inquire, and
share what I’ve learned!

This will ultimately be a blog about developmental disabilities. My personal journey through the ride of accepting myself and all that that
entails, plus a bonus trip through premature birth, ignorance, denial, and then finally education and rebirth!